Max hits the end of the week with the Max Miller Dog hanging around the Max Miller Studio, and starts by delving into what “government by the people for the people” actually means in reality, and neatly segue’s to how Donald Trump tapped into a segments of the population who feel like they are strangers in their own country and how this situation persists today.

It’s almost over Brett. Tell you what, I’ll buy you a beer afterwards. Better yet, a keg!

Of course Max has to spend the rest of the show on the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, and starts by reading an email sent from the heart by a female listener. Max does remind us that juries every day have to weigh up he said, she said evidence, as that is what Americans do as part of their job. This starts Max down the path of what it means to carry out civic duty, and how politicians should learn from their own voters, which in this case includes friends of Kavanaugh’s who came forward to say he lied under oath. Max then gets into how a minority of voters, through the Electoral College system are actually placing their views on the will of the majority. As ever though Max knows where the fault really lies, and that is with The Scarecrow, Mitch McConnell. Max has plenty of blame to go around though for this national disaster, and that does include the Democrats, who Max states, should find the person who leaked Dr. Fords name to the press and fire them from whatever job they may have. 

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