Max makes it to Hump Day by finally getting to the list items that he missed from his previous show as he was so caught up in debunking Hugh Hewitt’s magic list of Trump’s so called accomplishments, and how none of the item on Hugh’s list had any benefit for the Average Working American.

Hey, did you see Max Miller is now calling us the “Sour Twins”?

Max kicks off the show by explaining how dangerous the new scooters are from Bird and Lime which seem to be all over Austin, and how Dan The Long Suffering Producer of Max Miller managed to crash one of these scooters, much to the detriment of his face, which max finds so off putting he asks Dan to put a paper bag over his head. Max finally gets to what is going on in DCLand and how the GOP used to stand for conservatism, small government, no debt and so on, but the party has become so corrupt that none of these things seem to matter. The same is true for the Sour Twins; Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity who day in and day out let their own audience down. Then Max pivots to Texas and Ted Cruz and his total capitulation to Donald Trump, which is now highlighted by a new anti-Cruz commercial. Max next gets to the resignation of Niki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations and her views of how America is now more respected thanks to Donald Trump. So Max has to remind her that he has been to many of the countries that are supposed to now respect more, which Max has yet to see the respect firsthand. Finally Max has to jump to Kavanaugh now being on the Supreme Court and Trumps apology to him on behalf all men everywhere.

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