Max ends his week by looking at the fact that Americans seem to be drinking more heavily which is understandable given what is going on in DC when people like Kayne West visit the White House. Max goes through some startling statistics about the number of Americans who have now, like the Maxter, decided to start drinking heavily. Max is surprised that Donald Trump hasn’t claimed credit for the growth in liquor sales, which no doubt he would claim is very good thing. Max then gets into the act that he has been told off yet again by the “suits” that run the radio stations because they think Max is making too much fun of Sean Hannity. Max had no idea that Sean was such a “snowflake.” Next Max looks at Larry Kudlow who is Donald Trump’s chief economic advisor. Unfortunately as Max points out, Larry’s history of explaining how wonderful things are, well let’s just say Larry’s economic forecasting leaves a lot to be desired. Which leads Max to what he appears to be the end of the world and dogs and cats are living together, after all the GOP has done a complete 180 on things they used to claim they cared about. Max jumps into the state of healthcare in United States and how Medicare For All as Bernie Sanders explains is really unworkable, but of course the Maxster has a solution. And speaking of the Democrats, Max has the solution to increasing the turnout in low turnout districts.

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