Max starts his week yet again while trying to recover from a busy Monday by having a very nice cup of tea to help calm his nerves after Trumps love fest with Ted Cruz. Max then gets into the fact that many Americans are so jaded by the politicians of both parties that they cannot even be bothered to vote.

And then I told them the wealth would “trickle down”

It gets worse though, they feel if they do vote, no one in DC will listen to them so what’s the point as will not make any difference in their lives. Max quotes some voters from Middle America to make his point, which Max finds all very depressing as they all feel let down by the pols in DC. Then Max gets to the list of issues that they do care about, healthcare, jobs, education, infrastructure which is clear that the politicians in DC are not doing anything about. Which brings Max to the point that the woman in America are not only poorly served by politicians, they are also poorly served by the pundits, as Max points out, there is no way Laura Ingram, Anne Coulter, Rachel Maddow and others are doing a good job for women in America. Max jumps to the Trump & Ted show, where Donald Trump showed up a rally in Houston to support his new BFF Ted Cruz and how Trump will pass a fantastic Middle Class tax cut, which really would be a miracle given that Congress is not in session. Max is running out of time, but he still finds time to ask Pat Robertson about the 11th Commandment. Who knew that even existed? Eventually Max gets to his quote of the day, when listening to any politicians ask this question, why is this lying bastard lying to me?

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