Max hits his next show talking about how poverty can be defined even in a state as prosperous California in such a way as to be deceptive. California now has the fifth largest economy in the United States yet by any standards it has a high number of people considered to be in poverty, which leads to Max’s point that an average high income can hide how many people are in poverty. 

Can someone purleese tell me how to find Hannity’s number on this damn thing?

Given that the cost of healthcare is a driver of poverty, Max actually congratulates Donald Trump, much to Max’s amazement, on the concept of trying to control the cost of prescription drugs based on pricing from other countries. But as Max explains, what odds would you give that Donald Trump would actually follow through on this proposal? Not much is Max’s answer. Then Max gets into the affect this may have on the drug companies themselves, which as Max explains, many of them are not even American. Shock, horror. In fact 50% of the top 20 drug companies in the world are NOT American. How can this be? Next Max gets into the ten pipe bombs that were mailed recently to top Democrats and their supporters, and the fact that Donald Trump’s supporters are saying as no one was killed, it is all a head fake by some left wing nut to make Trump looked bad. Oh the deviousness of the Left! Although Max does explain who he thinks actually made the bombs.

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