Max starts his week, which as you may know by now begins on Tuesday, as even the Maxter needs a day off. So Max jumps right in with a big thank you to Donald Trump for protecting us from the “caravan”, which he says has been infiltrated by ISIS terrorists, many of which are infected with small pox as a brilliant way to bring plague and disease to the United States.

Now don’t forget to hide those pipe bombs deep in your mail bag

How clever these ISIS people are!! Max then recalls a conversation he had with recently with a GOPer, where Max asked, what is it that the GOP has run on for the past 30 years that they have actually accomplished. When Max goes over the list, it soon becomes clear that the GOP has failed at every single thing for the past thirty years that they claim to believe in, although if you can explain to Max what they have accomplished please write to him, he is willing to learn. Max then jumps to the murder of eleven Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and the amazing fact that no leader from the Democrats, or even the Republicans wanted to accompany Donald Trump to mourn the attack on these innocent people. Speaking of the Democrats, Max has some heartfelt advice for the Democrats on how to get people to vote, but as they seem to have the imagination of a turnip, Max isn’t hopeful. Finally Max digs into some serious points about how leaders can be responsible for bad behavior of their followers and identifies who was really responsible for all this bad behavior, Mr. Rogers and NPR.

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