Max gets to Thursday in one piece, but has to start by explaining how he can be confused for a radical leftist, even by people who know him well, which actually surprised the Maxter no end.

Thank goodness I am retiring, I can stop pretending I am listening

In order to justify how he views politics Max goes over the recent interview he had with Mike Toth, who is running for a judgeship here in Texas, whereby it turned out Toth couldn’t explain why he received funds from out of state. Max’s point is that even though Toth is a Republican, Max would have been just as hard if this he had been a Democrat, it’s just that Max finds it very difficult to find out what it is the Democrats actually believe in. Although Max admits, he does need to get more Democrats on the show. Next Max talks about his recent visit to his new doctor, where he got into an animated discussion about the cost of healthcare, and much to his surprise, Max’s new doctor actually agreed with Max, and pointed out that while number of physicians in the US has increased over 300% since 1970, the number of administrators has increased by over 3000%. No wonder we’re paying so much for healthcare. Eventually Max gets to his main topic, which is that congress is not listening to us. Are you shocked and amazed? The list includes background checks for gun sales, infrastructure, action on climate change. So isn’t it time our politicians listened to us?

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