Max hits Election Day, which coincides with his first working day of the week to bring a personal perspective of a conversation he had with a good friend about what will happen and to explain to the Maxster why he is now on the Trump Train, despite the fact that Trump has done nothing remotely conservative during his tenure.

I wrote this. Of course I wrote this

This led the conversation down a rabbit hole which Max tried and failed to get out of, despite the fact the topic started off on the benign topic of, will there be a “blue wave” or not. Unfortunately even the Max Miller Dog seems on edge on Election Day as he paces around the Max Miller Studio, after all dogs are supposed to be sensitive to negative changes in the ether, and the MMD seems to be sensitive to Election Day Blues emanating from the humans around him. Next Max jumps into his favorite foil, Shallow Hal (Sean Hannity), who lied about appearing on stage with the Trumpster, and will Fox News do anything about this? Umm.. we already know the answer. It wasn’t that long ago that the GOP claimed to be the party of optimism and hope, well that seems to have been ditched in favor of darkness and pessimism, wrapped up with a dose of fake patriotism. Surprisingly it turns out that more people are concerned about voter suppression than voter fraud, although you wouldn’t know that listing to Trump and Jeff Sessions.

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