Max hits the last show of the week by going back over what has happened since the midterm election and how all the electioneering has put the Max Miller Dog on edge, as if he senses an evil presence, as dogs do in the movies. 

Of course Trump excites me, can’t you tell?

Max then gets into a quick recap of several recent conversations he has had with friends who believe he is not an independent at all, but more than likely a communist. So after the election will Americans come together in a kum ba ya moment, will they wash the neighbor’s car, and mow their lawn in the love that is all good about America. Max is not so sure, in particular after Trumps amazing press conference which went on for an amazing one hour and twenty two minutes. During this time, Trump attacked Jim Acosta, CNN and the press, but if he hates the press so much, why even let CNN ask a question. Max wonders how is it that Trump didn’t win more, and how it is that the Democrats didn’t win more. Believe it or not, Max has the answer. Even the Maxter is amazed that the White House used a video from Infowars to justify banning Acosta from the White House press corp, and Max is even more amazed that Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary stood by its use. And lets not forget that the leader of the free world Finally Max explains his PayPal story and how he accidentally paid someone way too much money. It was a stressful day for the Maxter.

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