Max misses his Thursday show due to a hangover, shameful but true, so he has to do his Thursday show on Friday morning. But in missing this deadline, this does give Max time to deliver as he says, “a quality project,” and to focus on the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties, in this case Nancy Pelosi in particular.

Melania, now that we’ve voted, lets leave then vote again. No one will ever notice

Max’s view is that nobody voted for the Democrats due to the inspired leadership of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, in fact people voted Democrat despite them. And yet again, Max tries to understand what the Dems stand for? Next Max gets into one of his favorite topics, the GOP tax cut, and comes up with a new and rather startling statistic that 35% of the stock market is owned by foreigners. In other words, the tax cut is helping people who don’t even live in America.  Max then gets to Donald Trump being interviewed by the press, and the responsibility of a reporter who is interviewing any politician, in particular though this president, especially when he is claiming people voted multiple times simply by changing their clothes. Finally Max sends a challenge to Alex Jones about voter fraud.

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