Max is back from Thanksgiving which is his favorite holiday of the year, all about family and friendship, although he was upset as the internet went down for four days, which meant not only no internet but also no TV. Shock horror!

Do you see a little bird, or is it just me?

Yet much to his amazement, an AT&T rep showed up at the Maxsters house on Thanksgiving Day to fix the lines coming into his home that had been chewed by a squirrel. Finally Max gets down to work by bringing up Trumps lament that there isn’t a news station sycophantic enough and that there should be a new state run channel that seems to say nothing but great things about the Trumpster. Next Max gets into the General Motors layoffs which are bad enough, but Max explains why some of this is market based, but some of it is also caused by Trump’s tariffs. But let’s not forget Saudi Arabia is going to invest $450b in the United States that will surely make up for the GM layoffs. Yeah, right! Although Max does deliver a real solution for the Trump to deliver to those laid off workers. Yes, use all the new US Steel plants that are to be built to hire some of these workers. This does get Max to the missed opportunity that Trump could literally have been a transformational president, although a symptom of all this is Trump surrounding himself with people like Paul Manafort who it turns out are not capable of outsmarting Robert Mueller. 

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