Max starts his week by reminding us why he started the Voice of the Radical Center, and how the message seems to be resonating around the United States.

“Why Is Ron Weasley the forgotten man?”

Rather than jumping into his usual smack down of both the GOP and the Democrats, Max starts by reading the wonderful letter that George Bush wrote to Bill Clinton on the day Clinton took office, which Max calls an example of pure grace and places in contrast to the current times we live in. Eventually Max jumps into the current political situation focusing on Trumps tax on the middle class, otherwise known as tariffs and even though Trump said he would not forget the “forgotten” that is exactly what seems to have happened with Trumps attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) which is now run by Mick Mulvaney who actually hates the CFPB. Amazing! So much for protecting the Average Working American. Back on tariffs, it is no surprise the Trumpster reminds us he is “Tariff Man,” despite the fact the damage retaliatory tariffs are doing to farmers and small business.

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