Max gets to Thursday in one piece, much to his amazement, where he broadcasts from the Max Miller Studio as usual, and is amazed to find out that Tucker Carlson does not seem impressed with the Trumpster at all, but Carlson did talk about this in an interview in Switzerland. Max would have been much more impressed if he would actually do this on Fox News and actually focused on things most Americans care about. Max then gets to President Bush’s funeral, which allows Max to take his “cheap shot of the day” at President Trump. Next Max gets into voter fraud, only this time it turns out the Republicans are not complaining because it seems it is the Republicans doing the fraud. Max ends up having to have a little lie down so he can recover from utter hypocrisy of it all. And yet once again, Max is highly disappointed yet again in Paul Ryan, AKA the Cowardly Lion, for questioning the electoral process this time because the GOP is losing in California. Max then jumps to Mike Flynn, the fallen general who seems to have understood that blood is thicker than water, and is making a deal with Mueller so he can also protect his son. To round out the show, Max looks at the latest news on tariffs, and the overall state of the Trump economy.

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