Max starts his first show of the week, by talking about something that’s been on his mind for some time, and that is Brexit, and the unfortunate chaos that seems to have followed.

See how big my hands are Nancy?

Max explains why he voted for Brexit and who he blames for the current mess. It is not a pretty story. Next Max gets into tariffs yet again, one of his favorite subjects, and how he is surprised that China has agreed to lower the tariffs on American made cars. Finally Max has to talk about the Smack Down between Trump and Pelosi where Max is amazed that Nancy questioned Trumps manhood. Clearly she has Trumps number, and Max wonders how long it will take before Trump fires back. At the end of the day though, Max comes back to a rather depressing observation, nothing that Trump or Pelosi plan on doing will help the average working American. In fact the topic didn’t even come up.

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