Max makes it towards the end of the week by talking about how Apple is going to invest in Austin according the Wall Street Journal. Austin is of course the home of the Illustrious Max Miller Studio.

Now that we have power again, do we really have to do something for the working class?

Now it turns out even the WSJ is talking about a new potential corruption thread against Trump, with a pay for access scandal that allowed people who helped pay for Trumps inauguration to gain access to the administration. Amazing! Next on the list is back to Max’s favorite, and that is Trump paying off women not to embarrass him. Max is somewhat amazed though that even the Trumpster goes over a line and hints that Michael Cohen’s family could be in trouble. What a classy guy. And let’s not forget, Trump denied for one year about any payment to these women at all. Finally Max does get to the main point of the program, and that is the plight of the Average Working Man or Woman. Max is rather depressed to learn that many families’ are still suffering in the so called booming economy, as he goes over some new facts.

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