So what happens when dad goes out of town and leaves the kids in-charge? You get a good freaking podcast that is what happens. The Maxster is off doing…well…whatever it is that Max does when he is out of town & has left Ginger, Mike, and The Max Miller Dog in-charge of the show for a day.

How come there isn’t one for “Independent”?

With Max out of town, Ginger and Mike took advantage of the situation and dove into our favorite topic, the 2020 Democratic candidates for president. Now, it would be boring if Ginger and I just said the same old thing again about them, so we recruited the host of The Armchair QB Podcast, Bill Reed to provide the all too crucial voice of the Ohio independent on this topic. Bill is the guy who represent the guys who got Trump elected so you politicians should sit up and listen to what he has to say. Literally Bill represents the central Ohio independent who voted for Obama and also voted for Trump. Want to know what the Ohio voter cares about? Want to know why many of them voted for Trump? Most importantly, do you want to know what it would take for them to change their vote back again? Tune in to the latest episode of The Voice Of The Radical Center

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