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Max Miller: Trumps Terrible French Vacation

Max gets to Tuesday by getting on to one of his favorite subjects, cars, and how for months Max has said that Trump is itching to place tariffs on cars from Europe, in particular from Germany, and as it turns out there have been meetings in the White House in recent days on this very subject.

Look, I know fake, I talk about it all the time, but those look real to me

Next Max jumps into the latest figures, which reinforce much of what we already know, that the massive tax cuts for corporations and the well-off have translated into, increased stock buy backs and other benefits for the stock holding class, which let’s not forget is only 48% of the US population, and of that, 80% of the stock market wealth is owned by 20% of the population. So it is no surprise that these people have done very well from the tax cuts, in particular as it turns out, companies are spending more on stock buy backs than they are on pay increases for their employees, or investing in plant and machinery. What’s worse is that much of the increase in investment is from only five companies, which is great if you work for them. And if you thought the tax cut would pay for it’self then Max has a bridge in Brooklyn he would like to sell you. Finally Max gets into the terrible weekend Trump had in France where he was supposed to be remembering those killed in WW1. 

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Max Miller: You Are Correct, Congress Isn’t Listening

Max gets to Thursday in one piece, but has to start by explaining how he can be confused for a radical leftist, even by people who know him well, which actually surprised the Maxter no end.

Thank goodness I am retiring, I can stop pretending I am listening

In order to justify how he views politics Max goes over the recent interview he had with Mike Toth, who is running for a judgeship here in Texas, whereby it turned out Toth couldn’t explain why he received funds from out of state. Max’s point is that even though Toth is a Republican, Max would have been just as hard if this he had been a Democrat, it’s just that Max finds it very difficult to find out what it is the Democrats actually believe in. Although Max admits, he does need to get more Democrats on the show. Next Max talks about his recent visit to his new doctor, where he got into an animated discussion about the cost of healthcare, and much to his surprise, Max’s new doctor actually agreed with Max, and pointed out that while number of physicians in the US has increased over 300% since 1970, the number of administrators has increased by over 3000%. No wonder we’re paying so much for healthcare. Eventually Max gets to his main topic, which is that congress is not listening to us. Are you shocked and amazed? The list includes background checks for gun sales, infrastructure, action on climate change. So isn’t it time our politicians listened to us?

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Max Miller: Mr. Rogers And NPR Are To Blame

Max starts his week, which as you may know by now begins on Tuesday, as even the Maxter needs a day off. So Max jumps right in with a big thank you to Donald Trump for protecting us from the “caravan”, which he says has been infiltrated by ISIS terrorists, many of which are infected with small pox as a brilliant way to bring plague and disease to the United States.

Now don’t forget to hide those pipe bombs deep in your mail bag

How clever these ISIS people are!! Max then recalls a conversation he had with recently with a GOPer, where Max asked, what is it that the GOP has run on for the past 30 years that they have actually accomplished. When Max goes over the list, it soon becomes clear that the GOP has failed at every single thing for the past thirty years that they claim to believe in, although if you can explain to Max what they have accomplished please write to him, he is willing to learn. Max then jumps to the murder of eleven Jews at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and the amazing fact that no leader from the Democrats, or even the Republicans wanted to accompany Donald Trump to mourn the attack on these innocent people. Speaking of the Democrats, Max has some heartfelt advice for the Democrats on how to get people to vote, but as they seem to have the imagination of a turnip, Max isn’t hopeful. Finally Max digs into some serious points about how leaders can be responsible for bad behavior of their followers and identifies who was really responsible for all this bad behavior, Mr. Rogers and NPR.

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Max Miller: Trump, “Of Course My Phone Is Secure, I Only Talk On It”

Max hits his next show talking about how poverty can be defined even in a state as prosperous California in such a way as to be deceptive. California now has the fifth largest economy in the United States yet by any standards it has a high number of people considered to be in poverty, which leads to Max’s point that an average high income can hide how many people are in poverty. 

Can someone purleese tell me how to find Hannity’s number on this damn thing?

Given that the cost of healthcare is a driver of poverty, Max actually congratulates Donald Trump, much to Max’s amazement, on the concept of trying to control the cost of prescription drugs based on pricing from other countries. But as Max explains, what odds would you give that Donald Trump would actually follow through on this proposal? Not much is Max’s answer. Then Max gets into the affect this may have on the drug companies themselves, which as Max explains, many of them are not even American. Shock, horror. In fact 50% of the top 20 drug companies in the world are NOT American. How can this be? Next Max gets into the ten pipe bombs that were mailed recently to top Democrats and their supporters, and the fact that Donald Trump’s supporters are saying as no one was killed, it is all a head fake by some left wing nut to make Trump looked bad. Oh the deviousness of the Left! Although Max does explain who he thinks actually made the bombs.

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Who the f*** is Max Miller?

So, first things first…I am Max Miller, and like it says on the page here, like most people I have an opinion on just about everything.

And just like most people, this doesn’t mean I am always right. But, hey it’s sometimes fun to poke people a bit to see their reaction. Is that mean? Perhaps, but given how some people overreact when you disagree with them even just to test their beliefs ….umm… yes, it’s fun.

And while I will probably be talking about the issues of the day, (politics, religion, showbiz) I will also be talking from time to time about my favorite other topic. And that is cars. I love cars. I watch Top Gear. Read the press on cars and reviews. So I am a real gearhead geek.

Usually, though I will be talking about the topic of the day. Such as the Donald, the Democrats, not so loyal opposition, Fake news, Fake fake news and anything else that crosses my mind.

Max Miller – The Other “Cheeky Chappie”

Those of you who might be fans of vintage Brit humor (there has to be someone out there like that, doesn’t it?), you might know that my name is a tribute to the Max Miller who was considered the greatest stand-up comedian of his generation. That Max Miller was a rather naughty chap who entertained the British from the ‘30s through the ‘50s. Like me, he was called the “Cheeky Chappie”. I am, of course, much better looking and if I can believe, Dan, my producer, smarter and funnier.

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