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Max Miller: Trump Bounces Off The Walls As Mueller Gets Closer

Max starts the week very early, and cannot help himself by calling out the Cowardly Lion otherwise known as Paul Ryan for his lack of spine, or maybe even his manly bits.

Can someone read this to me please? I have forgotten what it said

Max revisits his view that the Trumpster is a very lonely man, who when he finds himself bouncing around the White House late at night, ie around 7pm, he has nothing to do other than watch TV and vent. Max wonders if Trump has ever thrown anything at one of his many televisions. Max is amazed and not in a good way, when a former CIA Director attacks Donald Trump as a threat to the United States. Is this what we have come to? Then Max returns to the Cowardly Lion and writes a speech for him. For free! Then Max gets to his favorite subject, Stormy Daniels, mainly just because he likes saying the name Stormy Daniels over and over, but also because she was paid $130,000 to cover up an affair with Donald which according to his lawyer never happened. Max wonders how much she might have received had she actually had an affair.

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Max Miller: No Collusion Says Sean Hannity. Well That Clears That Up

Max starts his work week with a strong Scotch and a late night review on what has been going on over the past few days in Trumpland, while trying the best he can to be his usual optimistic and upbeat self. 

Look if I say this enough, it’s bound to come true. Right?

Max then looks into how Trump gets his daily intelligence briefing and how it affects his daily view on how to respond to the serious issues in the world. He also discusses the GOP led House Intelligence Committee coming out and saying that there were no signs of collusion, surprise, surprise, surprise. Max also finds time to quote one of his favorite movies, Casablanca. Plus let’s not forget that as much as Trump wants to meet with North Korean Leaders this is a regime that recently killed Otto Warmbier. Can you imagine if a Democrat president had said he was going to meet with North Korean leaders after an American was returned home brain dead? And as ever, turns out Trump cannot stand up to the NRA after all, nor can he find a way to personally criticize Russia after a chemical attack on British soil against a former Russian spy.

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Max Miller: What Kim Jong Un And Stormy Daniels Have In Common

Max starts his Friday morning very early indeed, and digs right into Trump’s tariffs that seem to have caught the GOP by surprise, perhaps they are beginning to understand that the Donald is not to be controlled and they sold their souls for a lousy tax cut that will blow up the deficit.

Whatever happens, I will always have more mics than that filthy pig dog, Trump

Now certain members of the GOP want to introduce legislation to prevent these tariffs coming into force in the first place. And this is Trump’s own party! Next Max digs into the Stormy Daniels affair and the $130,000 that was paid to her to keep her quiet. Not working out exactly as Donald planned so far. Max also looks into Donald’s personality and then decides he needs to drink heavily afterwards. Finally, how will Trump prepare to meet with the North Korean leader when he doesn’t even have an ambassador to South Korea?

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Max Miller: Stormy Daniels Will Not Be Ignored

Max hits his midweek stride by looking into the latest news about the tariffs that Trump wants to impose over the now dead body of his resigned top economic adviser Gary Cohn. Max finds a great quote from the book Fire & Fury which was attributed to Gary Cohn which makes it very clear what Cohn thinks about Trump.

Damn, those still look good

Paul Ryan, the Cowardly Lion had urged Trump not to implement any tariffs, but then surprise, he backed down and said that maybe some form of tariffs might be acceptable after all. It’s amazing that Ryan can stand up, and walk as he appears to be totally spineless. Speaking of character, it now turns out that Stormy Daniels, the woman who Trump had an affair with right after his son was born, and who was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about the affair is now suing him. She says she can sue him as he never signed the non-disclosure agreement. Will the evangelicals who say Trump deserves a mulligan still find excuses to support him? Max decides the answer is depressing… yes they will.

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