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Max Miller: Republicans And Democrats Fail In Their Main Mission: Us

Max is late to the start of the week, so he has to dig right into the fact he is a day behind in keeping up with the news, and by reminding us that all he wants is anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat to do anything positive for the average working American.

RHB. That’s the party for me

Remember the unyielding criticism that Hillary Clinton received for having a private email server in her basement, well now we find out that Donald is using his own unsecured phones, one just for Twitter and one for news. Max wonders if Shallow Hall (Sean Hannity) will get as upset about this as he did about Clintons email server. Next Max digs into the so-called trade war with China, which was supposed to be a prime example of Donald Trump’s negotiating skills, and now we learn that Trump’s team cannot even agree on the type of trade deal we even would like to have with China, and of course the Chinese have noticed. Which means the US could continue to lose out to other countries in the race to sell to China. On top of that Donald still wants to help the Chinese company ZTE. You know the one the Feds said broke sanctions by selling to Iran. Max then turns to Trumps never ending list of charges and unfounded accusations. Finally Max looks at how Trump is asking the DOJ to investigate his enemies, which of course is totally legal and above board.  And once again Max asks, will someone please explain to him what the Democrats actually stand for?

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Max Miller: This Is Westworld And Trump Is A Host Gone Rogue

Max starts the week by wondering what the Max Miller Dog is dreaming about as he lays about the studio. Max starts by thanking Sean Hannity otherwise known as Shallow Hal for it turns out as Trumps BFF, he is talking to Donald every night probably as they eat a Happy Meal, and trying to keep him on even keel.

He Is Truly My Greatest Host

Uh no, Hannity is doing none of those things. He is reinforcing Trumps persecution issues to the detriment of his own viewers and listeners. But he is not called “Shallow Hall” for nothing. Max wonders if Hannity will call out Trump for saying he wants to help Chinese company ZTE because many Chinese jobs are at stake. As the Donald said, ZTE buys American components.. Uh yes they do. But ZTE was banned from buying US components because our own security forces are saying the finished products could be used to spy on us! Holy cow! Yet Donald wants to override his own advisers. Then Max digs into how this all ties together with China, ZTE, Iran, American farmers and of course a game of golf. Finally wonders how many times Mika from Morning Joe says the word “wow.” 

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Max Miller: Sean Hannity Is A Slumlord And Max’s Scuzzbag Of The Week

Max hits his stride as the weekend comes into view, but still finds time to feel good about himself as it turns out that Max was right all along about Sean Hannity who he calls Shallow Hall.

Look, they weren’t Fox News viewers. So no one cares anyway

Because, shock horror Sean it turns out really is shallow. At one time Sean believed in the constitution, no deficit and character counts. Now we can add to that it turns out that Hannity is a slum landlord, no doubt many of them Fox New viewers who are not even going to benefit from the GOP tax cut or from Trumps “beautiful” healthcare. This all makes sense of course as Hannity has said that Michael Cohen only did some minor work for him and advice on real estate. So they are all connected after all. It all flows through Cohen. On another front Sean Hannity does not have the guts to stand up for his fellow “journalists” when attacked by Donald Trump. Meanwhile Cohen received money from AT&T for supposedly advice on helping them merge with Time Warner. So now Cohen is raking in money to sell access to the Trumpster, who of sounds like Sgt Shultz from Hogan’s Hero’s and says “I know nothing. Nothing!” Finally Max names his scuzzbag of the week.

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Max Miller: Donald Trump Is A Secret Democrat

Max hits the week late, but jumps right into the Don & Rudy show. Now remember, the purpose of the Maxter’s show has anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat done anything recently to help the average working man or woman? Unfortunately the answer is no.

That’s not me. That’s all a lie. Who is this woman anyway?

And it’s no surprise that nothing is happening to help the average working man or woman when you think of all the energy that goes into defending Donald Trump’s behavior.  After all that, there is no energy left for you and me. So Rudy is out there making life worse for his boss, when he simply opens his mouth. Next Max digs into the latest news on how the massive middle-class tax cut is helping the GOP. Oh wait. It isn’t helping them at all. Which just goes to prove you can fool only some of the people some of the time. Next Max gets into Eric Schneiderman the New York attorney general, who resigns after four women accuse him of assault, yet Trump has had 19 women accuse him of bad behavior and the GOP doesn’t care. Somehow the GOP thinks it’s a good idea to say Schneiderman should leave and not Trump. Finally Trumps approval rating still hovers around 40% proves yet again that really Trump is not a Republican and is helping the Democrats. 

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